Off-season hiking to Pic Chaussy

Between the mountaineering season of summer and the ski touring season of winter there is a slightly awkward shoulder season in Switzerland. During this time there isn’t enough snow base to go skiing, but there’s too much new snow to go into the high mountains. All the mountain huts are closed. Mountain-based activities are rather replaced by festivals, Christmas markets, and mulled wine.

This being said, today Tanya and Friedemann and I decided we would go for a little hike anyway, to escape the fog in Lausanne. We walked up Pic Chaussy. This little mountain is 2351 m high, which makes it the 3862nd highest mountain in Switzerland. It’s known as a classic ski touring destination. We will certainly be back in a few months to do it on skis, but for now here are some pictures from today’s ascent à pied.

Friedemann on the walk up.
Snow on the NE face of Pic Chaussy.
Almost at the top.
On the summit. Lausanne is in the cloud below.
Summit lunch.
Lac Lioson.
Tanya’s collection of pine pieces to use as Christmas decorations. These were already off the trees and found on the path.
November 30, 2014


  1. spk on

    I can’t believe that your pictures that you take with your _phone_ are always sooo nice!

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