Moiry to Eison

Tanya’s sister Andy has been visiting us in Switzerland! We took almost immediately to the mountains and walked for an entire week. Tanya and Andy walked for seven days in a row; I took a little trip back to Lausanne in the middle of the week. I’m going to blog each step of our trip across the alps in a separate post. On this first step we walked from Moiry Barrage to the Cabane des Becs de Bosson (11 km, 889 m up, 166 m down), then the next day out to Val d’Hérens via the Vallon de Réchy (24 km, 417 m up, 1742 m down).

Clouds on the Lac de Moiry at the start of the traverse.
Lac and glacier de Moiry.

Our path took us north-west from the Lac de Moiry and past the Lac de Lona, before we climbed up to the Cabane des Becs de Bosson. I took these photos there. As you can see from the photos here, it was a cold and cloudy day on our way in to the hut.

Lac de Lona and Sasseneire.
Always great to come across edelweiss!
Becs de Bosson from the cabin.

The next morning we were greeted by bright sunshine and an incredible view that took in lots of 4000 m peaks. We started by zipping up the Pointe de la Tsevalire, a 3k peak right next to the cabin. Nearby there were groups of ptarmigan croaking gently to each other.

Morning view from the cabin.
View into Vallon de Réchy from Pointe de la Tsevalire.
Weisshorn, Zinalrotthorn, Ober Gabelhorn, (Sasseneire).

Tanya is often concerned that a walk may end up being too short, so we opted to drop into the Vallon de Réchy and take the long way around to the Val d’Hérens. The long way turned out to be rather longer than expected, involved two cross-country shortcuts and a last-minute change of destination town (Eison instead of Evolène) so that I could still get the last bus back. At the end of this first two days of walking, I set off back to civilisation, and Tanya and Andy walked on to Evolène and got ready to walk from Arolla to the Cabane des Dix.

September 29, 2016


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