Gornergrat in Autumn

Back before the snow arrived, when it was still autumn and there was colour in the forests, Anna and Tanya and I went to Gornergrat for the day. I’ve previously been up there when it was cloudy and you could only see the mountains through windows in the fog. This particular autumn day, though, was blue skied and crystal clear. We went from the icy lookout on top of Gornergrat down to Riffelsee, which is famous for its reflections of the Matterhorn. I took a lot of photos. The best ones from the “big camera” are online here; here are some others from the iPhone camera.

A clich├ęd photo but still totally fun to take.
Monte Rosa (4634 m) and a passing Chocard.
Looking towards Saas – Allalinhorn looking small in the centre and Dom on the left.
4k peaks: from L, Dent Blanche, Ober Gabelhorn, Zinalrotthorn, Weisshorn.
Zinalrotthorn and the railway.
Walkers under the Matterhorn.
Anna and the Matterhorn.
Walking towards Riffelsee.
The famous reflection in Riffelsee.
December 5, 2016

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