The Alps from the air

Last week I was in Vienna for the excellent European Geosciences Union conference. I had a great time; it was scientifically inspiring and there were schnitzels. I flew from Geneva and was lucky to get amazing weather for both the way there and back, which meant the views over the Alps were extraordinary. I spent the flight glued to the window, trying to name the peaks I could see passing below. Quite soon we left the region that I know, and there were just mountains upon mountains stretching into the distance. There are a lot of alps in the Alps! Here are some photos from the plane window.

In a Fokker 100 you can be uncomfortably close to the engine.
Taking off from Geneva. Mont Blanc and the French shores of Lac Léman.
Lac Léman and Valais, Grand Combin and Mont Blanc.
The Matterhorn in the distance.
North face of the Eiger with Mönch and Jungfrau.
So many more mountains!
On the way home — Lausanne, Lac Léman, Grand Combin and Mont Blanc.
May 3, 2017

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