Stockholm for Radiohead

Earlier this month I was very lucky to be able to go to Stockholm for just a couple of days, and while there to see Radiohead play a concert. The concert was at the Ericsson Globe, which turns out to be the world’s largest spherical building. You see it from miles off and it’s further away than it looks. The show was just fantastic; Radiohead were flawless and although my seat was off to the side of the stage and precipitously high in the arena, the sound was excellent and I could see pretty well. Here are some photos from Stockholm, and also of some stellar alpine sunset views from landing in Geneva on the return flight.

Arriving in Stockholm.
The Ericsson Dome.
After the show.
Stockholm’s ubiquitous stone lions.
Gamla Stan.
Approaching the Alps.
Lac LĂ©man (Vevey and Montreux), and looking into Valais.
Mont Blanc out the plane window.
Dents du Midi, Grand Combin, and Mont Blanc at sunset.
June 24, 2017

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