Here are some photos from a walk up Platthorn (3345 m) in August. Platthorn is right next to Zermatt; we originally thought about walking to the Mettelhorn, but decided against crossing the glacier without a rope. The walk from Zermatt went via the Trift hotel and the climb up covered 1700 m vertical. One highlight of the walk was a lagop├Ęde alpin (a rock ptarmigan) with a few of her little ones, all taking a dustbath on top of a rock!

At the Furggji col (3185 m), looking towards Weisshorn.
Glacier patterns.
Mettelhorn (3406 m).
Tanya on the summit of Platthorn (3345 m).
Matterhorn attempting to come out of the cloud.
Zinalrotthorn (4221 m, left) and Schalihorn (3975 m).
Weisshorn (4506 m) in cloud.
Looking towards Ober Gabelhorn (it’s hidden in cloud) and the Triftgletscher. Check out those moraines!
The hotel at Trift.
October 29, 2017

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