Starting off the ski season

It snowed a lot and early in Europe this year, which was a real pleasure. It snowed not only a lot in the mountains but a fair bit in Lausanne too. The busses wore chains and little snowplows came out of their hiding places to clean the footpaths. Afterwards most of the snow melted, while bits of it formed clear patches of slippery ice on the streets. We started our ski season with an early weekend at Saas Fee in late November. It was super cold and everything froze up, including Tanya’s hair.

This year we are more determined than ever to get out and do lots of ski touring, so we started soon after it was possible to go. Our first tour was to the safe and low summit of Les Monts Chevreuils. In the car park at Les Moulins it was a chilly -14 C!

From the top of Monts Chevreuils at 1749 m.

A second tour was to Le Chasseron (1607 m) from Ste-Croix in the Jura mountains. Right after we left the town it started bucketing snow, and we had absolutely perfect powder for the whole day. What a blast!

Christmas trees decked in snow.
Climbing on the flanks of Le Chasseron.
Frozen tree.
Summit views.
Looking back to Yverdon and Lac Neuch√Ętel.
December 27, 2017

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