Anna and Keytie’s wedding

The reason Tanya and I were back in Australia in April was to go to the wedding of my incredible sister Anna to the amazing Keytie. Their marriage was held at Mystery Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales, which was as magical a spot as the name suggests. The ceremony was under a coral tree within sight of the beach and the ocean, there were parrots everywhere and the banksias were all in flower. Our brother Alex played piano and sang for Anna and Keytie’s entrance, and Mum read out some of Dad’s lyrics as part of their ceremony. After the ceremony, we ate amazing food and partied into the night. Anna made all the guests an incredible screen print to mark the occasion. It was as lovely a celebration as there could ever be, for the loveliest of couples.

Wedding signage ready to go.
Keytie and Anna’s entrance.
Proud and happy Mum.
Anna and Keytie giving a fantastic speech.
May 13, 2018

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