Lightning trip to NZ

In April, Tanya and I made a very special trip back to Australia, and because we were in the “neighbourhood” we stopped in Christchurch on the way to catch up with Tanya’s lovely family there. We went to an England-vs-New Zealand cricket match. It was my first time at a cricket game, even though watching on tv was a summer staple when I was growing up. At the oval it was very difficult to see the ball, but it was a great atmosphere and there was beer, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cricket’s a wonderful game with rules that I enjoy trying to explain to people from outside the Commonwealth. This particular game ended in a draw a couple of days after I left the country.

Our flight in to NZ went right over Aoraki/Mt Cook, so we got to see lovely glaciated mountains.
At the cricket.
The Waimakariri river looking stunning.
May 10, 2018

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