Snowy times

2017/2018 was a bumper ski season in Europe. It snowed lots the whole season. Plus, we had a blast of polar air that sent temperatures down to -10 degrees on the Swiss plain, which was followed by heavy snow – more snow than I have seen in Lausanne while I’ve been living there. Tanya and I did our best to take full advantage of the snowy conditions by going skiing. We went to Saas-Fee a lot, as is now our habit: Saas has become to me one of those special places associated with good times, ranked with the Blue Mountains in Australia for chuffed-feeling and awesomeness with friends, but with lifts and apr├Ęs ski bars instead of sandstone and meat pies. Here are pictures of snowy times in Switzerland this winter.

Our street in Lausanne, filled with snow.
Snowy Lausanne.
Saas-Fee looking amazing.
That’s a lot of snow in Saas-Fee village.
Visp train station.
More Visp.
The always-classic view from the top of Saas-Fee.
Saas-Fee glacier views.
4000m peaks, and blue sky, in Saas-Fee.
May 3, 2018


  1. Andrea Ewing on

    Incredible views! Can’t wait to see them soon!!

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