Grindelwald to Lauterbrunnen

Tanya’s sister Andy and Andy’s boyfriend Karl came to visit us in Bern, and we did some excellent hiking in the Alps. At the end of June we went to Grindelwald, and walked over Kleine Scheidegg, up to the Eigergletscher station (yes, there’s a train even up here!), then down to Lauterbrunnen. It turned out to be a long walk of over 26 km and about 1400 m of climb, and the views were spectacular the entire way, from the start under the north face of the Eiger to the end in the incredible Lauterbrunnen valley that inspired Tolkien’s Rivendell. Here are photos from this hike.

Grindelwald and Wetterhorn (3692 m).
Swiss scene — cows under the Eiger north wall.
Tanya and the Eiger.
Rock walls under Mönch.
Lunch spot under the Eiger (3970 m).
Looking up at Mönch (4107 m).
Tanya and Karl starting the descent near Eigergletscher.
The wildflowers were in fantastic form.
Eiger and Mönch.
Valley time.
Looking up at Jungfrau (4158 m).
Mönch, Jungfraujoch, and Jungfrau.
Karl, Andy, and Tanya under the Jungfrau.
The view from on high as we walked down to Lauterbrunnen.
August 3, 2018

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