Oeschinensee and Blüemlisalphütte

Blüemlisalphütte has been on our list of huts to visit for a long time, mostly because Tanya knows that a cat lives there in the summer (it gets carried up in a basket). The hut’s already closed for this year and the cat has left the building, but before the snow came for the winter Tanya and I walked there anyway a couple of weeks back. We weren’t actually intending to walk to the hut, but rather to have a gander around the Oeschinensee, a lake near Kandersteg that is renowned for reflecting the mountains around it.

Oeschinensee in the morning.

We caught the cable car up from Kandersteg, and had a look at the lake, which was spectacular indeed. But it seemed a shame to stop there so we started walking up, and kept walking up. After a while it became apparent that we could walk all the way to the hut, and so we did. The countryside was spectacular and we got wonderful views of the Blüemlisalphorn and the other peaks in the Blüemlisalp range, Wildi Frau and Wissi Frau (let’s call them die Blüemlisalpfrauen). Next to the hut we stopped and marvelled at the Blüemlisalpgletscher.

Getting higher all the time.
Blüemlisalphütte on the ridge, and Wildi Frau from a distance.
Wyssi Frau, Ufem Stock, and the Blüemlisalpgletscher.
From Hohtürli, looking down Kiental to Thun and the Thunersee.
And across to the Eiger north face (L).

At the hut we considered walking down the other side of the col into Kiental, but on balance decided that the Oeschinensee would be worth seeing in the afternoon, so we walked back the way we had come.

Wyssi Frau (3648 m).
The track down from Blüemlisalphütte to Kandersteg.
Blüemlisalphorn (3661 m) and Blüemlisalp Rotthorn.
Tanya in her element.
Wildi Frau, Ufem Stock, and Blüemlisalphorn.
Looking back to Wyssi Frau.

The Oeschinensee was shining in the afternoon light when we got back there, and the cliffs lit by the sun were perfectly reflected — it deserves its reputation. I particularly enjoyed the zig-zag patterns of shadow and light that were formed. After spending a good while at the lake we walked down to Kandersteg to finish a great day of walking in the hills.

Oeschinensee in mirror lake mode.
Zig zag shadows on the Oeschinensee.
Evening light.
Autumn colour next to the Oeschinensee.
Fading light of the evening.
November 1, 2018

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