Early-season Zermatt

The Matterhorn’s reputation as Switzerland’s most iconic mountain is very well deserved. Here are a few photographs taken while on a short wander from Zermatt, up to Zmutt, and back along the h√∂hweg at about 2100 m. These pictures were taken in mid-November when the trees were just finished changing colour and were preparing themselves for winter snows.

The mighty Matterhorn (4478 m).
Wood carving on the path.
Getting cold in mid-November.
I am totally fascinated by icicles.
Snow-makers on the go.
Tanya with Dom (4545 m) behind.
Zermatt in the valley.
Rimpfischhorn (4198 m), Strahlhorn (4190 m), and Adlerhorn (3988 m).
The last of the autumn colours.
December 23, 2018

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