Frozen Bachsee

One of our most spectacular walks in the mountains in 2018 was to Bachsee above Grindelwald. We caught a cable car up to First, which is the third stop on the cablecar after Bort and Schreckfeld. From there it was a short walk up to the lake, and we roamed a little further by climbing up to a little col called Gassenboden.

Tanya photographing the Wetterhorn (3690 m).
Semilihorn and early snow showing the slope orientation.
Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn (4078 m), Finsteraarhorn (4274 m).

It was November and although there was a little snow around I expected the lake to not yet be frozen and therefore to reflect the mountains. But we arrived to see that the lake was frozen white, covered in snow, and it reminded me strongly of a salt lake. The sky was cloud free.

View of the peaks over the frozen Bachsee.
Shadow creeping over Bachsee.
Schreckhorn on centre stage.
Tanya’s always good with the map.
At Gassenboden.
Serac collapse on Wetterhorn.

On the way back down to First the light became just ridiculously good for photographs. The shadows got long and covered the lake and the snow-free parts of the world were bright in the sun. It was one of those magic afternoons in the mountains when everything sparkles, and it was a happy walk.

Now all in shadow.
Fading light of the afternoon.
Eiger north face.
Taking in the view from Grindelwald First.
Wetterhorn at sunset.
January 6, 2019

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