Canberra and Hobart

In February and early March this year I was lucky enough to be back in Canberra — my hometown. Looking at the photos now, while winter is still lurking here in the northern hemisphere, I am struck by the brightness of the colours and the obvious warmth of the sun. I caught up with my wonderful family and fantastic friends, enjoyed flat white coffee and fresh food, and strolled through the campus of ANU which is so changed as to be unrecognisable in places. It was a relaxing and rejuvenating trip.

Black Mountain in Canberra.
My Mum’s impressive vege haul.
Yellow banksia — a favourite.
At the old Stromlo Observatory.
Cafe weather.
View from the National Arboretum.
Sturt desert peas in the National Botanic Gardens.
More banksias.

I also decided to pop past Hobart and catch up with some amazing friends there. We went to the top of the imposing Mt Wellington from where you get just a taste of the wilderness that stretches to the horizon.

Mount Wellington on a smokey day.
Mount Wellington summit.
Tetris rock.
Good walls in Hobart!
May 7, 2019

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