Atlantic flight

Although I am conscious of the environmental damage of flying, so I try to reduce how often I do it, I still adore the window seat in a plane. This summer I went to a conference in Los Angeles, and on the flights there and back I was lucky to get the most incredible views, mostly of vast and wild and frozen northern landscapes. Here are some pictures from the window. (The emissions from these flights were offset through myclimate).

The east coast of Greenland – 63°12’37.9″N 42°10’19.1″W.
The frozen north of Canada.
Sea ice on Hudson Bay.
Lake country in northern Canada.
Los Angeles – 33°57’32.6″N 118°16’51.1″W.
Plane storage at Victorville – 34°36’45.1″N 117°22’45.1″W.
Flaherty Island in Hudson Bay – 56°08’59.5″N 79°23’55.6″W.
Sunset over the north of Canada.
August 28, 2019


  1. Robert Triggs on

    Some stunning shots Tim

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