Tanya and I are beyond thrilled to welcome our beautiful son Felix Michael Raupach to the world!

Brand new.

Felix was born on his due date, in September, at the beginning of the Swiss autumn. It looked for a few days like he might arrive a little late, but in the event labour kicked off in the middle of the night and he was born safely in the early afternoon, right on time. Tanya was incredibly strong and brave.

This was the fairytale view from the maternity ward. We were extremely well looked after and supported.
At home.
Out walking in Bern.

I don’t believe in miracles in the ordinary sense of the word, but I do believe in miraculous things. And Felix is miraculous — he is perfect! He has bright eyes and a smile that lights up the room, he has determination and an amusing sense of timing, he’s very patient with us and he surprises us with something new every day.

Early days and two months later.

Since he was born, the leaves have turned and fallen and our lives have changed entirely, and all for the better. Our days are filled with making sure Felix is happy, and he makes us happiest of all. We’re delighted with him, and we love him very much.

November 24, 2019


  1. Cal Stewart on


    I can see a bit of both of you in him already. Enjoy the warmth and bliss of a new sense of family. I am so so happy for you both.

    Hopefully, Finlay, Carina and I can meet him soon, and see you all again, too.

  2. Courtney Gregory on

    He is wonderful! Congratulations to you and Tans!

  3. geordie on

    he’s gorgeous!

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